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PROFI-CAR Diesel winter fit, 250 ml

PROFI-CAR DIESEL WINTER FIT is a combination of highly effective synthetic components for the improvement of
the flow properties and the filter movement at low temperatures. 
Use only at temperatures above 0°C! Before getting fuel, add content to the fuel tank. Sufficient for up to60l diesel. 

  • Improved cold start performance and less smoke formation by an increment of the cetane number
  • Prevents the growth of paraffin crystals which are responsible to jelly the diesel fuel in the winter season and so jam the filters and fuel lines
  • For a high reliability operation

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
60122 0.25 L 24 pieces 1680 pieces / 70 cartons 1536 pieces / 64 cartons

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