PROFI-CAR Octane booster, 250 ml

PROFI-CAR OCTANE BOOSTER increases the octane number of fuels with too low octane content and for motors with higher needs. Protects valve-seats. Increases the cold start properties and the full load performance. Cleans the whole fuel-system and cares for a permanent smoother idle. Removes andprevents wear on valves and combustion chamber.
250ml ration package: After getting fuel, add content of can in use with the filling pipe to the fuel tank.

  • Increases the octane number
  • Selected agent combination improves the motor power and increases the operational safety
  • Disengages residues
  • Protects valve seats from exceeding wear
  • Binds water in the tank and in the system
  • Ensures a consistent combustion process and improves the CO-reading

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
60042 0.25 L 24 pieces 1680 pieces / 70 cartons 1536 pieces / 64 cartons

Product sheets

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