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23 января 2018 г. | Продукт

New carton design for our PROFI-CAR products!

PROFI-CAR is launching the new design for the 1L, 4L and 5L cartons. With this move we are framing the next phase in our brand evolution efforts.

We are proud of the progress we have made in the past years and in 2018 we are taking our branding to a whole new level bringing the PROFI-CAR personality on packaging. Our new cartons are designed to increase the brand's presence on shelf and on the retail floor across all retail channels.

22 января 2018 г. | Компания

PROFI-CAR pushes commitment in racing with the sponsorship for Mark Halder during the TCR Germany season 2018!

In motorsport we see a great future. The involvement of the brand PROFI-CAR in the past season of the ADAC TCR Germany expanded further and has landed a big hit with Mike Halder as the runner-up 2017.

Together, the "PROFI-CAR Team Halder" will be launched in the 2018 season, an investement from a family-owned company into a motorsport family. Without his sister Michelle, father Helmut and mother Manuela, a life of motorsport would be difficult. Michelle as competitor in the race car, father Helmut as the technical director and mother Manuela as organizer make a team full of ambition and goals.

"We are proud to have PROFI-TECH as a new sponsor" says Manuela Halder.

The company PROFI-TECH sees here the right mixture of family cohesion and occupation. "We did not expect that we would be able to set up a motorsport team after only one season in the TCR Germany", said Frank Nuszer. "We have this goal in mind in the coming years and we are more than grateful for the collaboration with family Halder, that this will be already possible in the upcoming season."

Together there is now a lot of work ahead of the season: design of the vehicles, the new semitrailer for the race cars, the team clothing, equipment of the team tent and many more details so tha everything can be perfect in the first race.

We are really looking forward to a great year in the ADAC TCR Germany!

22 января 2018 г. | Выставка-ярмарка и события


Since 2016 the PARTNER DAYS are being held to provide our sales partners from all around the world with an opportunity to get to know our team in person. We see this annual event as a good way to exchange informations, present new ideas and strengthen the support and collaboration with our over 40 partners. So let's continue with this tradition!

The next PARTNER DAYS will take place from September, 7th to 10th under the motto of the "25 Years Anniversary" of PROFI-TECH GmbH. The whole sales team and our managing director Frank Nuszer are pleased to welcome you in the beautiful south of Germany!

Sign up for the PARTNER DAYS 2018!

22 июня 2017 г. | Выставка-ярмарка и события

PROFI-CAR is going to participate in two exhibitions in China

PROFI-CAR is going to participate in the exhibition “China International Auto Aftermarket Fair 2017” from June 26th to 29th in the Zhengzhou international Congress and Exhibition Center and in the exhibition “25th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts & Post -market Services” from July 1th to 3th in the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The two exhibitions are the biggest automotive trade fair in China. We willl show the professional and seriously conduct to our distributors at the fair to strengthen and expand the cooperation.

3 февраля 2017 г. | Выставка-ярмарка и события Компания

PROFI-TECH supports the junior pilot in this season.

PROFI-TECH supports the junior pilot in this season.

The 19-year-old starts again in the ADAC TCR Germany and has set himself great goals. Before Christmas, Tim Zimmermann presented his new work equipment for the year 2017. The champion of the racing community Graf Zeppelin starts with a AUDI RS3 LMS in the Championsteam Target Competition ADAC TCR Germany and has the podiums firmly in view.
"I am very happy to have a new strong partner at my side with PROFI-TECH. As a specialist for lubricants and other service products for the driver, PROFI-TECH offers a wide product range, which will be very popular with the motorsport fan. In addition, it is also nice to work with regional partners ", explains Tim Zimmermann.
For Tim Zimmermann, the new season begins at the end of April. Then the ADAC TCR Germany will go to Oschersleben for the first time. The race calendar includes seven race weekends in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The logo of PROPI-CAR on the AUDI RS3 LMS from Tim Zimmermann also shines in all races.

9 декабря 2016 г. | Выставка-ярмарка и события Компания

Together we protect the gorillas

With every sold liter of our products of the ECO line, we donate 1 Cent to global WWF conservation projects. Thanks to our initiative, we were again able to make a significant contribution to sustainability this year.

Every year hundreds of rare gorillas are killed by poachers. Thanks to the help of the WWF, everything is done to preserve the habitat of the gorillas and to prevent poaching.

8 мая 2016 г. | Продукт


Новинка линейки ЭКО: моторное масло STOP & GO. Для оптимальной износостойкости и максимальной чистоты двигателя даже при интенсивном движении в большом городе.

26 апреля 2016 г. | Компания


Для любого из нас Германия ассоциируется с определенными ценностями: пунктуальность, надежность и работоспособность лишь некоторые из них. Наш семейный бизнес уже в двух поколениях ориентируется на них и отождествляет себя с ними. Мы — типичные немцы в лучшем смысле этого слова!

25 апреля 2016 г. | Выставка-ярмарка и события


C 8 по 10 мая на Среднем Востоке пройдет самая масштабная тематическая ярмарка-выставка Automechanika. Компания PROFI-CAR организует во время проведения выставки для своих эксклюзивных дистрибьюторов из стран Среднего Востока Дни партнеров PROFI-CAR.

Партнёров PROFI-CAR ожидает разнообразная программа, им также предоставляется отличная возможность познакомиться лично со всей дистрибьюторской командой компании PROFI-CAR. По словам руководителя отдела маркетинга Мелани Ульмер, данное мероприятие будет первым в годовом списке событий.

«Проведение Дней партнеров — это возможность продемонстрировать нашим дистрибьюторам то, насколько серьезно мы относимся к обещанному эксклюзивному сервису и насколько важно нам поддерживать и расширять наши связи».