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PROFI-CAR CLEAN & CARE is a new PROFI-CAR technology to clean and maintain varnishes without water. This patented recipe was tested successfully by the Fraunhofer Institut.

cleans, maintains, preserves and seals the varnish without scratches. Because of that it is becoming dust repellent. The active substance is biological harmless. PROFI-CAR CLEAN & CARE is applicable e.g for varnishes, rims, chrome, plastics and all other smooth surfaces. It saves time and money because cleaning, polishing, preserving and sealing are one work step.

  • Vehicle cleaning and preserving without water
  • Effective and easy working is possible
  • Long-lasting protective effect
  • Economical consumption
  • Weather-resistant surface
  • Saves time and money, because cleaning, polishing, preserving and sealing is carried out in one work-step

Tailles de récipients disponibles

N° d‘article Dimensions des pièces Unité de conditionnement Unité de palette Truck Unité de palette Container
63125 0.50 L 20 Pièces 720 Pièces / 36 Cartons 800 Pièces / 40 Cartons

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