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PROFI-CAR POLISH & WAX to refresh, restore and protect strongly weathered and bleached varnish surfaces.
For professional cleaning, restoring and smoothing
soiled varnish surfaces (e.g. soiling from tar andinsects). Also usable for general soiled metallic andstandard varnishes.

  • Cleans, polishes efficiently and conserves in one step
  • Effective and easy polishing possible
  • Smoothes and reconditions the matt surface and removes hair scratches
  • Removes tar, insects, wax and dirt
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Manual and automatically use possible

Tailles de récipients disponibles

N° d‘article Dimensions des pièces Unité de conditionnement Unité de palette Truck Unité de palette Container
63135 0.50 L 24 Pièces 864 Pièces / 36 Cartons 960 Pièces / 40 Cartons

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