New Times - New Possiblities - New Logo

We are taking the next step in our Branding Evolution.

Regarding the new chapter of our company, we are facing a complete relaunch of our Brand PROFI-CAR. This year we are coming up with the new Corporate Identity 2021 and in the next months there will be some major changes in the whole "Look and Feel" of our Brand. We would like to inform you upfront about the main upcoming changes.

The new PROFI-CAR Logo 2021

New main PROFI-CAR Logo

Most importantly is the New PROFI-CAR Logo 2021. Here you can see how our new Logo will officially look like. To keep things easy and straight forward, this Logo also can be used as variations, if the size or the background colours should become a problem. Some variations as reference are shown here below.

New main PROFI-CAR Logo variations

The former old PROFI-CAR Logo is still valid and our Partners still can use it.

Old PROFI-CAR Logo still valid

As in terms of colour combination we still see sky blue as our significant main colour and we will continue to use it in the future. But we decided to implement also two shades of dark blue to make the Branding overall a bit classier. The first item of the change is the Website, followed now by our new Catalogue and Product Flyers.

We are currently preparing our new Branding Style Guide on how to use the new colours in combination, our fonts and how the overall look of our Branding should be achieved by our partners in the future, to secure a consistent style.

All new items will be printed soon and we will provide you with them as electronic files to download as well.You may encounter that the new Logo is already in use at some parts of our Marketing and Sponsoring Activities. This is happening so that we have a fluent transition to later on. Last but not least, the Logo in our Product Labels will be also changed step by step to the new version as well.

Until the End of 2021 the transition of all Marketing Materials and Labels should be completed!

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