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PROFI-CAR Motoroil Additive + MOS2, 250 ml

PROFI-CAR MOTOROIL ADDITIVE with MOS2 significantly reduces friction and wear by forming a high load-bearing
lubricating MoS2 film on all friction and sliding surfaces inside the motor.
250 ml treats 4 to 6 litres of motor oil. Use just after every oil change. 

  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption and lowers toxic emissions
  • Improves viscosity of the oil and restores motor power
  • Extremely small MoS2 particles guarantee lubrication during cold starts and in case of emergencies
  • Selected additives guarantee lower friction, effective long term protection of your motor and optimal performance

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
60272 0.25 L 24 pieces 1680 pieces / 70 cartons 1536 pieces / 64 cartons

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