PROFI-CAR Services

We consider ourselves to be a premium supplier. This applies firstly to the products. Here we develop innovative and contemporary solutions. On the other hand, our premium claim also applies to the service, the support, the high quality of advice and all other services related to lubricants that we offer you. And no matter what we do, we want to become even better.

Find the right oil for your vehicle

PROFI-CAR Oil guide

Choosing the right engine oil or lubricant can be confusing. Use our PROFI-CAR Oil guide to find the right oil for your vehicle quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Questions on the subject of oil? Here you will find the answer.

Oil Glossary

What are additives - or fully synthetic engine oils? Learn everything about oil from A to Z in the PROFI-CAR Oil glossary


Carry out a motor-check-up with our PROFI-CAR oil tester.

You can inspect almost everything on and in your car, but can you look inside the engine and see possible defects or impending damage before it happens? With the PROFI-CAR oil test this is now possible!

Simply request our PROFI-CAR oil tester kit and try it out. Within a few minutes you will have the test result available
and thus learn important information about the condition of the oil and thus also about the condition of the engine. In addition, the test shows whether water, petrol or other impurities are in the oil and if the oil must be changed. This test has been approved by TÜV SÜD and is easy to use. It can help to save costs due to expensive engine repairs. Give it a try!

PROFI-CAR distribution partner

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Become a PROFI-CAR distributor and enjoy the business opportunities offered by our comprehensive product range and recognized brand. We stand for premium products that meet the highest German quality standards. By joining PROFI-CAR's worldwide distribution network you will benefit from the loyalty and global strength of the brand name PROFI-CAR and get access to:

  • Innovative and comprehensive product lines and services, brand awareness and support.
  • Specific offerings that add value to you and your customers.
  • Dedicated sales managers to help you grow.
  • Effective tools to develop your skills, improve your market knowledge and help you accelerate your growth.