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PROFI-CAR Ultra Protect RMO SAE 10W-60


PROFI-CAR ULTRA PROTECT RMO SAE 10W-60 is a fully synthetic high-performance engine oil which was developed especially for use in the toughest racing conditions. Based on the specially developed MULTI-ESTER TECHNOLOGY, which in combination with the highest quality fully synthetic PAO's (Poly-Alhpa-Olefins) forms the perfect basis for racing engine oils.

Specially developed for use in racing cars subject to the highest loads. PROFI-CAR ULTRA PROTECT RMO 10W-60 is suitable for use in naturally aspirated engines with a high speed concept as well as for supercharged engines such as turbo or compressor engines. It reliably protects your engine against wear and tear and prevents residues which can lead to engine or turbocharger damage.

  • Special racing engine oil for 4-stroke engines
  • Extremely stable oil film even in the toughest racing conditions
  • Wide temperature range for flexible use
  • Outstanding wear and component protection
  • Fully synthetic high-performance engine oil for high-revving naturally aspirated as well as highly supercharged turbo and compressor engines
  • Becomes even stronger under pressure and provides lasting protection for your engine
  • Reduces power-reducing friction at all speeds and conditions

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
16165 5 L 00,00 pieces 00 pieces / 00 cartons 00 pieces / 00 cartons

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