PROFI-CAR Electronic spray

PROFI-CAR ELECTRONIC SPRAY for serving and maintaining all electrical components. It increases the security of function. In addition, prevents through his good penetration ability disturbances at electrical contacts, connections and so on. Also very good useable to lubricate fine mechanical components. It works water resistant and prevents oxidation. It is neutral against varnish, plastic and leather.

  • Increases the security of function
  • Prevents disturbances at electrical contacts
  • Useable to lubricate fine mechanical components
  • Water resistant
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Neutral against varnish, plastic and leather

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
61054 0.40 L 24 pieces 864 pieces / 36 cartons 960 pieces / 40 cartons

Product sheets

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