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PROFI-CAR Hybrid+ SAE 0W-16



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Recommendation for use

  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Excellent cold start behavior ensures optimum lubrication safety in the cold running phase
  • Extreme stress and high temperatures are safely mastered
  • Ensures extremely high wear protection
  • Protection against deposits and black sludge, and high engine cleanliness
  • Reduces fuel consumption and helps to save the enviroment by reducing emissions

PROFI-CAR HYBRID+ SAE 0W-16 is a HC-synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil for passenger cars.
Base oils of the latest HC synthesis technology and an innovative additive formulation matched to them significantly exceed today'spractical requirements. Excellent cold start behavior ensures optimum lubrication reliability in the cold running phase.
Extreme loads and high temperatures are safely mastered. A targeted combination of active ingredients of the latesttechnology, specially adapted to the HC-synthetic components used, ensures extremely high wear protection, protectionagainst deposits and black sludge as well as a high level of engine cleanliness. HYBRID+ SAE 0W-16 helps to protect the environment by reducing emissions through high fuel economy.

PROFI-CAR HYBRID+ SAE 0W-16 is specially formulated for state-of-the-art gasoline engines for which the manufacturer prescribes such a low viscosity level. This also includes highly charged high-performance engines with multi-valvetechnology and fuel injection in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

ATTENTION: Observe manufacturer's instructions. The product has been developed exclusively for gasoline engines and isnot suitable for diesel engines.

Available package sizes

Item number Unit size Packaging unit Truck pallet unit Container pallet unit
11161 1 L 12 pieces 792 pieces / 66 cartons 672 pieces / 56 cartons
11164 4 L 5 pieces 175 pieces / 35 cartons 150 pieces / 30 cartons
11165 5 L 4 pieces 140 pieces / 35 cartons 120 pieces / 30 cartons
11167 20 L 1 pieces 30 pieces / 00 cartons 45 pieces / 00 cartons
11168 60 L 1 pieces 6 pieces / 00 cartons 9 pieces / 00 cartons
11169 208 L 1 pieces 4 pieces / 00 cartons 4 pieces / 00 cartons

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